Basic Course (English)

Finally a course completely spoken in English!

A beginners course, regular obedience exercises are covered, such as;
sit, lie down, stay, and exercises that bring more attention to the owner. In addition, there is paid attention to self-control exercises, not jumping against visitors or owners, and “coming here.” We will discuss eating from the street and releasing objects. Walking with a loose leash is also part of this course. Everyone trains to their own level, so that no dog or owner gets bored. 

And it is our goal that you learn to read the body language of your own dog, but also the body language of other dogs, so that the education will go “almost” automatically.

As soon as we can increase the intensity of the exercises, we are happy to do so. The exercises are offered creatively and therefore experienced as fun for both the dog and the owner.

A happy obedient dog

Attention is paid to the dog’s behavior and body language. Together we look at how we can motivate your dog, with the aim of a cheerful obedient dog. The mutual bond is strengthened and your dog will enjoy working together! It is important that you learn to understand the dog and thus get started in a successful way. Both you and your dog gain even more trust in each other in this way.

For dogs as from 16 weeks

This course is a beginner’s course for dogs of all ages. Also suitable as a follow-up to the puppy course, but also a good training for the adolescent dog.
During the lessons there is enough time to ask questions.

The course consists of 6 lessons of approximately 45 minutes per 4 students. And is suitable for dogs from about 16 weeks.

Clicker training

You can get acquainted with clicker training, or a reward word, a positive training method. You will notice that your dog will try even harder. This part is not mandatory in the course.

Kerkweg 19, Spaarndam
Lesson days
Friday morning 9.30
€ 97.50 for a course of 6 weeks of approximately 45 minutes group of 4 students

If there is no course in the agenda, we are full. You can send us an email so we can put you on the waiting list. Enter your available days immediately.
Private lessons can of course continue at any time and we also regularly schedule duo training courses.